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Truths & Hopes To Note

In the real world, 2 negatives don't make a positive. 1 positive and 1 negative still make a negative though, so it's important to seek out 2 positives.

If you learn to love yourself, you open the doors for others to love you as well.

Treat yourself as you'd treat the love of your life.

When things look their worst, remember that eventually it will all balance out and be good once again.

A taste for revenge is never good or attractive, and will gravitate negativity towards you.

It is important to project your love even to those who are not worthy or deserving of it, because it is the only way to preserve what good we have left in our society.

To grow positively and live in stable happiness, serious thought must be put into what is endangering your wholeness. Once you know, let it go.